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In 2011, four boys full of future promise donned their now trademark ties and created a succesfull comical musical show. Centred on a wind ensemble until then never imagined nor heard - clarinet, trumpet, horn and bass clarinet - the resulting sound was rich, moving and explosive.

After more than 200 performances in France and abroad, Les Sourds-Doués decided to bring together a team of dynamic professionals, from a producer to a magician, a choreographer to a choir master, in order to create a new show: "Sur un malentendu"

The logical outcome: the characters evolve in a struggle as crazy and energetic as their barely concealed involvement. They explore their favourite musical worlds - classical, jazz, tango, klezmer, film music etc. - not hesitating to juggle between each with disconcerting ease and mischief, in order to desacralise the concert and lead both young and old to open their ears.

How will it end? Will they manage to pull the concert off? Will the Sourds-Doués finally be able to hear themselves?

Who knows, it's a long shot?

Les Sourds-Doués are honoured to be ambassadors for the association Audition Solidarité